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The impacts of Facebook for teenager's life

Assalamualaikum wr.wb.
Good morning, the honorable judges and audience
Dear my friends who participate in this speech contest.
In this great occasion, let me deliver a speech with a subject “The impacts Of Facebook for teenagers’life“.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Facebook is one  of social networking communications mushroming in almost of  countries in this world including Indonesia. Based on the reliable survey,the facebookers of Indonesia exceed the users in Singapore and Malaysia. In fact that in the mid of 2007, facebooker was not known  well. In 2009, Indonesia has became the Republic of the facebook because it becomes the fastests growing country on face book in southest Asia. fantastis ladies and gentlement.

By joining facebook, we, as the users can have many benefits .This facebook situs enables us to find either the old friends or new ones,join the community of a city,a work,a school, and the other areas to build relation and interact with the others , besides we can send message and comment, we can also share or express to the others what’s in our mind or feeling like when we are sad, happy, confused, angry and the other things. There are also the other facilities like playing free games there.

With regarding to the benefits, we know that facebook has been a part of our needs. Though we have known that facebook is useful for us, there are many phenomenon happening around us as the negative impacts of using it especially for teenagers, students in our country
As could be expected, researchers

The first, Facebook that seems a simple hobby, can make the users, espeacially students addicted, So, not only drug can make someone get addicted. The addiction can happen because they find the great fun that they’ve found instead of doing the other important things in their life. As the result of this, they will forget their obligation to be good students. They like spending most of their time for facebook better than  studying. Of course this will affect their qualities in learning all subjects at school that get down or even worse.  

The second, many students post negative words, photos or videos or get them from the others.  These can influence their mind to immitate to post the same things or affect their life, or habits to do what they watch there. As the concequence, they and their parents will get involved with police. Poor them

Ladies and gentlemen,
The most terrific thing, the hottest news that we’ve heard or seen recently from TV or the other medias, many crimes happening because of facebook.Moral panic is a common reaction to this phenomenon especially for the other facebookers and parents.
Well, the common reason that causes the crime is the carelessness of the kids especially girls  themselves. It can happen because their private information is exposed to the strangers without knowing them well. They are easily tricked into accepting friend requests from the persons that they haven’t known or met before. Then they give a great response because of their sweet words or flatter, and finally just believe what they say. Then, when the kidnapping happens, who will be blamed for this??? The kidnapper?? No, I think It’s not totally true

Ladies and gentlemen,
Before closing, let me take some points of my speech,
  • FB is useful for social networking to enhance learning, to collaborate with the others, but it must remembered that FB can be dangerous too. Crimes can happen because of this.
  • Seeing the fact, the key to overcome this problem is that facebookers, especially students must be able to differentiate between what becomes substance, and what is mere trash. It means they must be smart to differentiate which is more important to do. Studying is the main duty for students. Faceboook is only used in spare time.
  • Parents must take a part to supervise their kid’s on line activity to protect them from on line predators and other dangers 
Well, That’s all for my speech. Thanks for your attention.
Wassalamu’alaikum wr. Wb.

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